Left more to blame for violence

To the editor: I wish to take exception to Jim Honeck’s letter on June 22. Liberals always use the one instance of Ted Nugent and his rant, which he sincerely apologized for.

You based your claim on Republicans causing violence on this incident and take the oft used concept of deceive and deflect without owning all the violence the left has been dishing out since the election. Let’s talk facts.

The following are just a few. First, the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and targeting of other Republican congressmen by James Hodgkinson, who was a supporter and volunteer for Bernie Sanders, speaks for itself. Secondly, Kathy Griffin’s hate effort with the replication of a bloody severed head of President Trump, which is just sick.

Third, how about “Shakespeare in the Park”’s depiction of the assassination of President Trump? If the same depiction was done of Obama, who knows how much of our country goes up in smoke with rioting?

Fourth, how about James Devine, a Democratic strategist’s tweet of “#HuntRepublicanCongressmen”? Fifth, how about David Kustoff, Republican congressman from Tennessee whose car was run off the road by lefty Wendi Wright, who confronted him after his town hall meeting?

Six, how about the riots at California at Berkeley, led by the black hoodies group who hide their identities?

Seventh, how about 2011, Republican Glenn Grothman was cornered at the Capitol by 200 protesters and needed a fellow representative to help him to safety?

Eighth, how about Evergreen College in Washington State in April, where college professor Bret Weinstein was threatened by liberal students who and falsely accused him of racial divisiveness?

I can keep going, but I think the point has been made. You know what they say about people in glass houses?

Hey, Jim, “if the shoe fits, wear it,” or, as they say, “own it.”

Steve lives in Fulton with his wife and one son. In 2010, he graduated from Eastern New Mexico University . Now, he writes software and gadget reviews and sport news for the team. During his free time, Steve coaches baseball to junior high school boys.

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