Poster board protests church sign

Removed before city officials knew about it
OCONOMOWOC — A poster board with a message seemingly demonstrating frustration with one of two “The Churches of Oconomowoc Welcome You” signs on city property was on the sign briefly June 25, placed by an unidentified individual.

Tim Connor of Oconomowoc said he was heading out to fish that morning when he spotted the homemade sign placed next to the “The Churches of Oconomowoc Welcome You” sign at Bender Park, on the west side of North Lake Road between Pine Street and Forest Drive.

He said the sign was gone when he returned from fishing later that day. Captured in a photograph by Connor, the poster board replies to the welcome sign: “Unless you’re Gay(,) Muslim or ??.”

The city’s police department never received a complaint about the sign, Chief Ron Buerger said Friday. Mayor David Nold said no other city staff member knew of the sign.

City Attorney Stan Riffle said he hadn’t heard of the sign prior to being contacted by The Freeman on Friday. The Freedom From Religion originally sent a letter to Nold May 12, voicing its concern with the presence of the two signs on city property.

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