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52 years ago

May 27, 1965

Waukesha County Sheriff Robert L. Baird today said he was temporarily suspending the washing of private cars by jail trusties in the sheriff’s department garage. Baird said he was suspending the washing of private cars until he obtained a formal decision from Corp. Counsel Harold Wollenzien.

Baird said the washing of squad cars and county equipment would continue. Wollenzien said today “I see nothing wrong with washing county squad cars. This is certainly in the realm of housekeeping.”

Car washes should be confined to county equipment, however, Wollenzien said. He said he would issue a formal opinion later.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Michael Wolke yesterday ordered a stop to the washing of private cars by county jail trusties.

41 years ago

May 27, 1976

History in Review Fifty Years Ago – 1926

Special coaches now under construction at the Electric Company’s Milwaukee shops will be operated between Milwaukee, Waukesha, Oconomowoc, and Watertown upon completion of the company’s new rapid transit line early in June. The new line, providing a shortcut through the town of Wauwatosa, will clip 20 minutes from the present running time.

Ten Years Ago – 1966

The house has given overwhelming approval to a bill that would increase the minimum wage to $1.60 an hour by 1969 and cover another 7.2 million workers.

The measure now goes to the senate where supporters predict it may be expanded further.

— Local history compiled by Patrice Shanks; [email protected]

Also on this date

May 27, 1896 — Some 255 people were killed when a tornado struck St. Louis, Mo., and East St. Louis, Ill.

May 27, 1929 — Charles A. Lindbergh Jr. married Anne Morrow in Englewood, N.J.

May 27, 1933 — The Chicago World’s Fair, celebrating ‘‘A Century of Progress,’’ officially opened. Walt

Disney’s Academy Award-winning animated short ‘‘The Three Little Pigs’’ was first released.

May 27, 1935 — The U.S. Supreme Court, in Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States, unanimously struck down the National Industrial Recovery Act, a key component of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘‘New Deal’’ legislative program.

May 27, 1936 — The Cunard liner RMS Queen Mary left England on its maiden voyage to New York. The first Aer Lingus flight took place as a de Havilland Dragon carried five passengers from Dublin to Bristol, England.

May 27, 1937 — The newly completed Golden Gate Bridge connecting San Francisco and Marin County, Calif., was opened to pedestrian traffic (vehicles began crossing the next day).

May 27, 1941 — The British Royal Navy sank the German battleship Bismarck off France with a loss of some 2,000 lives, three days after the Bismarck sank the HMS Hood with the loss of more than 1,400 lives. Amid rising world tensions, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed an ‘‘unlimited national emergency’’ during a radio address from the White House.

May 27, 1942 — Doris ‘‘Dorie’’ Miller, a cook aboard the USS West Virginia, became the first African-American to receive the Navy Cross for displaying ‘‘extraordinary courage and disregard for his own personal safety’’ during Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

May 27, 1957 — The single ‘‘That’ll Be the Day’’ by Buddy Holly’s group The Crickets was released by Brunswick Records.

May 27, 1962 — A dump fire in Centralia, Pa., ignited a blaze in underground coal deposits that continues to burn to this day.

May 27, 1977 — The punk rock single ‘‘God Save the Queen,’’ the Sex Pistols’ sardonic salute to Queen Elizabeth II, was released by Virgin Records.

May 27, 1985 — In Beijing, representatives of Britain and China exchanged instruments of ratification for an accord returning Hong Kong to Chinese control in 1997.

May 27, 1998 — Michael Fortier, the government’s star witness in the Oklahoma City bombing case, was sentenced to 12 years in prison after apologizing for not warning anyone about the deadly plot. (Fortier was freed in January 2006.)

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