Family of Fallen Officer Irvine Releases Letter to Media

June 15, 2018

A note to the media:

We are a family that is grieving. We are attempting to put our lives back together as we mourn the loss of our beloved Charles “Chuckie” Irvine, Jr., a brave Milwaukee Police Officer who lost his life protecting our community on June 7, 2018.

We are feeling the strong support and love of the Milwaukee Police Department family, the entire public safety community, and from those community members we do not even know. At this overwhelming time in our lives, that means everything to us.

The grieving process has barely begun, and we are asking the media to please respect our privacy right now. We ask you please not to come to our homes or call or email us. This statement is all we will have to share at this time. Please give us our time to grieve.

Thank you.

The Family of Charles Irvine, Jr.


Source: Milwaukee Police News

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