AG Schimel Statement on 10 Percent Drop in Opioid Prescriptions in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. – Recently, Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board announced that in the last 12 months, opioid prescriptions decreased by 10 percent.


“Three things are needed to stop the opioid epidemic: prevention, treatment, and enforcement,” said Attorney General Brad Schimel. “Prevention will ensure that we’re not fighting this epidemic for decades to come. With less opioids being prescribed, the medical community is ensuring that less people will get hooked on these pills down the road. The Wisconsin medical community has been a national leader in adjusting prescription practices, and I am grateful for their support of DOJ’s Dose of Reality campaign.”


“The Wisconsin Medical Society Opioid Task Force is very pleased with the continued improvement in responsible opioid prescribing demonstrated by these numbers,” said Dr. Michael McNett, Chair of the Wisconsin Medical Society’s Opioid Task Force. “We’ve worked hard to educate doctors in the poor effectiveness of opioids and their extremely high risk. We’ve provided 10 online courses on pain and opioids, trained speakers to talk to providers and the public, and have worked with regulatory bodies and the state government. But as much improvement as these numbers show, there’s still much to do. We remain dedicated to helping the physicians of Wisconsin effectively treat pain in their patients while also doing everything possible to keep them safe from addiction.”


In September 2015, Attorney General Schimel launched Dose of Reality in consultation with the medical community in Wisconsin. This statewide prevention campaign raises awareness about prescription drug abuse and its effect on the opioid epidemic. When it was initially launched, the campaign included prevention messages for students, parents, and the medical community to limit opioid prescribing. Since then, the campaign has expanded to include prevention messaging for employers, coaches, and seniors and their caregivers.


The Attorney General Schimel’s Dose of Reality campaign has also been adopted and deployed statewide in Arkansas, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, and Nebraska.


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