Prescribed burns planned for Marinette, Florence counties

GREEN BAY The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is planning to conduct prescribed burns during the months of May and June in Marinette and Florence counties. Burns will only take place if appropriate weather conditions exist. The properties involved are:

  • Athelstane Barrens, partly in the Marinette County Forest.
  • Dunbar Barrens State Natural Areain Marinette County.
  • Spread Eagle Barrens State Natural Area in Florence County.

Prescribed burns are conducted by specially trained individuals to achieve a variety of objectives on the landscape. As flames spread across an area, fire consumes dead vegetation, invasive species and other undesirable plants leaving behind a mineral-rich coating of ash on soil newly exposed to the sun's energy. This will spur the growth of hardy, fire-adapted, native plants, creating wildlife habitat while making it more difficult for invasive species to gain ground. These burns also help to reduce fuel loads, thereby reducing the risk of wildfires.

The window for conducting prescribed burns is relatively small due to specific weather conditions required for a safe, successfully burn. The moisture level of groundcover, atmospheric conditions, relative humidity, and wind speed and direction must be just right.

Questions or comments regarding the prescribed burn can be directed to Aaron McCullough at 715-856-9158.

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