Environmental conditions improve at Superior fire site

MADISON – Air quality is improving around the site of Thursday's explosion and fire at the Husky Energy refinery in Superior. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency continue to monitor the situation for any possible changes.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducted air monitoring in residential areas surrounding the facility. Since the fire was put out, data shows that there are no elevated levels of chemicals monitored and that particulate levels are at background levels. Superior Refining has been conducting air monitoring and will continue to do so.

A Wisconsin DNR spills team is on site monitoring nearby Newton Creek and other areas for spills from the refinery, including runoff from water used to fight the fire. The company has placed booms in the creek to control any potential runoff. No fish kills have been reported so far. The DNR will be overseeing surface water sampling and soil clean-up.

The Douglas County Department of Health and Human Services has a “What You Need to Know” web page concerning health effects. That page and updates on the situation can be found at the Douglas County Emergency Center web site.

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