Conversion therapy banned in Milwaukee

Common Council of Milwaukee has approved a ban on conversion therapy, a practice of changing child’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The Council voted 12 voices for the measure, 2 against. The ban will be effective after the city mayor, Tom Barrett, sign it. It is no chance that he will refuse to sign it.

The ban will be enforced by local police force. After it becomes effective any attempt to perform the conversion therapy will be fined with $500-$1000. However the legislation is only banning the commercial therapy. Religious therapy in form of ministries and free counseling from faith leaders is still welcome.

The campaign for and against the ban was really agitated from the very beginning. However, despite all the pathetic rhetoric of “save the kids from the evil doctors”/”perform the will of God”, no side has presented any data of how often the therapy was performed, what results has it fulfilled and so on. It’s even not clear what is “child’s sexual orientation or gender identity” exactly. This measure, very consistent with the Zeitgeist, is void from the start and only serves to polarize communities.

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