New Mexican President Pledges to Get Along with US, Fight Crime

The candidate from the coalition of leftist forces, Lopez Obrador, who won the presidential election in Mexico, says he will seek to establish friendly relations with the US while taking into account the national interests of his country and Mexicans living in the United States.

He stated this, speaking to his supporters in the capital, setting out the tasks that he intends to resolve as head of state.

Obrador said among his top priorities referred is the fight against corruption which he believes is the main cause of social inequality. 

“Getting rid of corruption will be one of the main tasks of the new leadership,” the president elect said.

Mexico would pursue a “frank dialogue and friendly relations” with the United States and he will seek to remain in NAFTA along with the United States and Canada, Obrador said in phone interview with Milenio TV.
According to the National Electoral Institute of Mexico, Obrador garnered the support of 53% to 53.8% of voters, more than double than his closest pursuer Ricardo Ananya, who  was voted for by slightly more than 22%. Another two runners – Antonio Mead and Jaime Rodriguez Calderón got 16% and 5.5% of the vote respectively. 

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, 64, became the first left-wing politician to win the Mexican presidency since one-party rule ended in 2000.

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