Germany’s Seehofeer Set to Quit Over Immigration Rift

Germany’s Interior Minister and the chairman of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), Horst Seehofer, offers to step down because of his disagreements with the Chancellor on illegal migration. 

“I would make both posts available, which I will do within three days,” Seehofer told reporters after a leadership meeting.

Seehofer said he will make another attempt on Monday to negotiate before bowing out.

The conflict between “sister” parties, as the Christian Social and Christian Democratic unions are called in Germany, has reached a boiling point and may cause the collapse of the ruling alliance altogether. The stumbling block was the issue of refugees, or rather the agreements reached at the EU summit on the solution of this problem.

The CSU condemned the actions of the European Union as insufficient, so the party leader and concurrently federal interior minister Seehofer threatened to take unilateral measures: strengthen border control and prevent migrants from entering the country. After discussing the situation inside the faction, the politician said that he intended to leave all state posts altogether, if the Bavarian conservatives could not agree with the Christian democrats.
The Christian-Social Union has the status of a special regional party. During the elections, it represents the ruling coalition in Bavaria, while the CDU – in all other federal lands.

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